Rhymes Bedtime Tale | Kisah Tidur

”That lizard, my love, is talking about us. Which is to say,

That is what the king told his consort that night. The passion of the
Bad had calmed while silence seeped twixt skin and sheets.

“Why not believe it? The dream will be as convincing as the morning sun.”
The women sobbed whwn anglindarma replaced the cloth around her breast with a chill in his breath thought he did kiss her hair

The following day the quenn killed herself in the pyre

And the king, too, found a way  for himself to flee- with the help
Of the gods, who know which ones-from disloyalty

“Batik madrim, Batik madrim, why must you, my regent?
Why must a person love loyalty more than life and so on and so forth?”

Translated by John H.McGlynn

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Rhymes Bedtime Tale | Kisah Tidur
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